USA Denies Extradition of the Isaias Brothers Adjudicating Lack of Evidence

USA Denies Extradition of the Isaias Brothers Adjudicating Lack of Evidence

The multiple denied requests of extradition for the Isaias brothers made by the Ecuadorian government were based on very clear United States extradition laws.

The 4 extradition requests of the Isaias brothers

From the first request made on August 16th 2001, then on July 7th 2008, and again on December 22nd 2009, till the last one made on September 28th 2010, the Ecuadorian government has not provided any evidence that the Isaias brothers deliberately participated in embezzlement, or used any of the funds provided by the Ecuadorian federal reserve for their own benefit.

In fact, this would be impossible since the Central Bank of Ecuador (federal reserve) was aware of every monetary, or otherwise, transaction made by Filanbanco as all of them had to be approved by the Ecuadorian Central Bank.

Lack of evidences for deportation

The diplomatic correspondence between the US Department of State and the Ecuadorian government dated July 19th of 2013 states: “In order of facilitating the United States revision of any future request made by the Ecuadorian government, the Department of State demands that said request includes a concise narrative that summarizes the incriminating acts in which the Isaias brothers have been involved, and how were these alleged crimes committed.”

Again in 2015, after six years of litigations in Ecuador, a Florida judge also sentenced that “the Isaias’ did not commit any crimes, did not cause any economic damages, and did not receive the appropriate due process in Ecuador.”

This is convincing evidence that Rafael Correa has used all of his political power, and all the economic resources of the state, to establish political persecutions against any Ecuadorians who oppose him or his government. All of these persecutions have been done without providing any probable evidence as the legal sufficiency standard requires and as the United States judicial system demands.

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