Who are Roberto and William Isaias brothers?

Who are Roberto and William Isaias brothers?

Ecuadorian businessmen and philanthropists, Roberto and William Isaias are the head of the Isaias Group, comprised of a family of entrepreneurs with an important tradition of creating new businesses in the USA, Central America, and especially Ecuador, their country of origin. The Isaias brothers developed Filanbanco, the most important bank in the country for more than 40 years, plus several relevant communication companies, and a vast social development network geared towards culture and the public health like the Nahim Isaias Foundation (FundaciĆ³n Nahim).

Beginnings of the harassment to Roberto and William Isaias brothers

All of these contributions were abruptly halted as a consequence of the political persecution this family has suffered by the hand of Rafael Correa and his socialist government, who are now being accused of multiple acts of corruption.

CorreaĀ“s persecution towards the Isaias Dassum brothers leads to the confiscation in 2008 of all of their companies, which included tv networks GamavisiĆ³n, TC TelevisiĆ³n, and Cable Noticias. All of these networks were used by Correa as his main infrastructure for political propaganda.

The U.N. for the truth

In 2016 a resolution passed by the U.N. committee of Human Rights stated that CorreaĀ“s regime violated the fundamental human rights of the Isaias, and demanded reparations of all the confiscated assets made by the Ecuadorian government. However, this resolution still is waiting to be fulfilled.

The persecution against the Isaias family still continues, even though they have been living in the United States for 20 years. This political persecution manifests itself through a PR campaign that aims to destroy the moral character of the Isaias family using a millionsā€™ worth of pro-Correa propaganda, and the constant threat of extradition that has been rejected by the US government.

In USA, the Isaias brothers have learned how to prosper and generate jobs, which is truly their passion. With very prosperous enterprises, Roberto Isaias created the Republic National Bank, a financial institution that had as a principal mission to deliver credit to Latin American immigrants, mostly Cubans, that arrived in the United States searching for a better future away from the Castro regime.

Official documentation & Proofs of innocence

We now proceed to present a series of analyzed documents that explain key moments of what could possibly be one of the most emblematic cases of political, and moral, persecution in the Latin American continent. Our intention is to demonstrate, with proper documentation, the perverse interests that have procured these insidious attacks against this family.